and 3D-design

It's difficult to imagine our life without architecture.
That field has been developed for all the time of human being. So what is the architecture? Is it a craft? Or perhaps an art? Both of them! Nowadays, a lot of people wish to get from the architecture not only functionality, but aesthetic value, too.

Our architects and designers are real specialists at their field and could implement virtually any professional task, whether it is designing of homes, cottages, faсades and entrances of commercial buildings, private and commercial (stores and other institutions) interiors design, landscape design, etc...


Here is a brief list of tasks that our experts will solve for you at a high professional level and within reasonable terms:

1. You have decided to build a lovely cozy house for your family.

Our architects will collect all of your wishes, requirements, examine your preferences, interests and capabilities, and then will project the house of your dreams.

Afterwards, your new house could be built by our construction team.

2. You've just acquired a new apartment, or your old apartment's interior is no longer pleases your eyes?

Our experienced designers will produce a project for you, which may be as small as cosmetic changes or as full transformation of your home.

3. You're opening your own new shop or office...

Obviously, the facade and interior of your shop or office is the face of your business.

Excellent understanding of that fact allows our designers to create really right projects, which gather in itself the spirit and essence of your company.

As for advertising signs for your building, our designers will make all the possible to make it look favorable compared to ones of your competitors or neighbors.

4. Also, our specialists are good in 3D-design of small architectural and industrial forms, exclusive furniture design, design-projects for the advertising business (constructions, signs, etc) and many more...

5. 3D-visualization services (3DsMax) for your projects and ideas.

In case you are an architect or represent an architectural or construction firm, we are always ready to make 3D-visualisation of your projects at reasonable cost and terms. The collaboration on a regular basis is also possible.

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