of Advertising campaigns

Advertising is one of the most important components of a marketing set. Along with PR, it's responsible for bringing the necessary information to your prospective customers.

And, of course, advertising is a complex and multifaceted "subject" and sometimes is even an art. Usually advertising campaigns implementation demands participation of quite a lot of professionals with different skills.
The one of the biggest challenges, facing the manager of an advertising campaign -
to find, organize, gather together the efforts of all marketing (and other) professionals being involved in the advertising process and make their mutual work organic and synergetic.

Planning, organizing and providing of integrated advertising campaigns - the one of the main pillars of our company. And we will make maximum efforts to ensure that your next ad campaign would be the most successful and effective...


As parts of the advertising campaign providing we offer the following services:

- Development of an advertising campaigns of any type and complexity (based on a given the type advertised product, competitive environment, etc)

- Development of creative ideas

- Copywriting (slogans, advertising and PR-texts, scripts, etc)

- Designing and manufacturing all the necessary print and other promotional materials

- Radio advertising

- Internet advertising

- Budgeting for any advertising channels being chosen - print, radio, TV, Internet, outdoor advertising, direct mail, etc

- Detailed media planning

- Managing and overall supervision of the developed advertising campaign

- Reporting on the progress and results of the campaign to the advertiser in the required form and details

- Preparation of a marketing and financial reporting package based on the advertising campaign results for an advertiser or third party (for example, for vendors or your other partners)

Separate providing of any items described also possible.

We're always ready for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation!

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