and Client relationship

Who is the most important person in any business?
The director? The president of the company, perhaps?

Not at all! The most important person in any business is its majesty Customer!

Why? Because most businesses exist primarily because of consumers who buy the products businesses provide (whether it's a product or a service).

That's why each client must be carefully tended and served and given everything possibility, which would make him or her completely satisfied and... make him or her remain your Client.

One of the most apt and powerful definitions for marketing is "Making a profit through customer satisfaction."
However, the marketing influence is not confined to just customer satisfaction.
Of course, it extends to almost all business units.


So if you need a marketing service or consulting, our company will provide you with a one-time service (in any described above direction), or act as an external marketing department of your company (in this case we could either replace a marketing and advertising departments completely, or just provide a kind of mentoring for your employees).

Our marketing specialists work in the following areas:


The business strategy development:
- Identification or selection of new ways for development (or correction of previously selected ones)
- The full cycle of business planning for the selected tasks with a glance to the real and prospective business opportunities.

- Audit of the company's marketing structure and activities
- Marketing research (the market, competititors, the target audience, the development prospects, etc)
- Analytics and planning of the company's development
- Production and sales planning
- Pricing in a competitive environment
- Brand developing and managing
- Corporate identity developing
- Marketing and advertising campaigns developing and managing
- Coordination of any contractors works needed to be monitored
- External and internal PR.

Sales planning:
- Product groups managing
- Work with vendors: searching for contractors, network managing, optimizing costs, etc
- The audience and geographic targeting through seasons
- Prospective opportunities identifying (new markets, product, etc)
- Store work organizing
- The feasibility of investment, possible payback period calculation, etc.

Organizing and optimization of the retail store unit or a network:
- The goods: planning, delivery, merchandising
- Audit
- Financial and management reporting
- Workflow
- Retail outlet managing
- Advertising campaigns' development and implementation

- Searching for and hiring the staff
- Formation and correction of the staffing table
- Managing the hierarchy of interactions and the subordination within the staff structure
- Remuneration and incentives system planning
- Motivation and stimulation of employees
- Education and trainings providing

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