Pay per Click Advertising

The Internet fills our everyday life in increasing rate now.
And at the same time has a profound impact on business.

Before now your clients, customers, business partners gained a larger share of information (including advertising) from traditional media (press, TV, Radio).

But today it's Internet which gets a significant share of your potential target audience attention.

Of course, this important fact must be taken into account when allocating the advertising budget.

And our Internet marketing specialists will help you to do it with maximum efficiency...


The Internet - just the right place for effective targeting of audience for many types of businesses now.

And effective marketing (advertising) on the Internet becomes even more important in the case of limited advertising budgets.

Apart from the traditional banner advertising, we've now got a unique tool called Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, or Paid Search Marketing on the Internet.

The essence of Pay per Click advertising is that your advertising message is displayed mainly where it can be most interesting for Internet users.
That is, your advertising will be shown mainly to those who are either looking for something relevant to your proposal or viewing a site with content similar to what you advertise.

In other words, your message appears only in the context of the interests of your potential customer.

Contextual Pay per Click advertising has its own features and difficulties in the planning and implementation. That is because of the bidding system, many parameters needed to be constantly adjusted before and throughout the time of campaign implementing, etc.


Our PPC managers specialize in the Internet Pay per Click advertitsing (or Paid Search Marketing) and may provide the whole set of creating, launching and maintaining the Internet contextual advertising campaign (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Yandex, Begun and any other service providers you wish):

- budgetting

- media planning

- copywriting (creating advertising texts, slogans, scripts, etc), as well as its correction, according to actual results of campaigns being maintained.
The target web pages content correction could be also recommended to implement for the sake of campaigns effectiveness

- defining and correction (in the course of maintained campaigns) the sets of "right" keywords and keyphrases, which affected by the target audience and clients business being promoted

- precise adjustment of all the essential parameters of the ad campaign (targetting, timing, ad groups, etc), as well as its correction, according to the current campaign performance

- effective cost and bid management for the budget being defined for the campaign (optimal ad cost setting, bidding system management) by continual campaign result tracking, and its parameters adjustment

- regular reporting on the current Internet campaign results (it could be possible to convenient control the campaign parameters and results by client)

We also work with other types of Internet marketing/advertising and SEO...


If you represent an advertising agency, our mutually beneficial collaboration can be as follows:

- in the case your company doesn't have the Internet markering specialist/department doing work like we suggest, we may take such tasks from you by subcontract (conditions).
Thereby, you then could suggest such services from your company

- even if you do have your own specialists, though, we are ready to get the job from you in the "hard times" (too much work, for instance).

We're always ready for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation!

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